This is our Network in different countries which include China,Korea,Turkey,Bangkok,United States and Iran. Today, more and more cargo agencies are joining freight forwarding networks, as they are seeing the benefits of joining together for mutual benefit and expanding their global network of logistics resources. Through our own networks and partnerships with other leading operators we can meet all your  needs. Network was created to facilitate and expedite international transport for small to midsize freight forwarders.Our members constitute a worldwide network of trusted agents and partners available to exchange firsthand knowledge of customs rules, local regulations and resources and prevalent information about the ever changing freight forwarding industry.The experienced technical experts at Global Action Logistics can help your goods clear quickly and efficiently with an automated customs clearance network. Our customs experts can guide you through the complexity of customs department. We handle all import and export permit requirements for goods. We also give needed advice on any product requirements or non-tariff barriers.We are determined to offer Import Customs Clearance to our customers total solutions for their customs related requirements.

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