Air Cargo

The rapid growth of international trade has created a global village where air transport assumes great importance in the transportation of goods. This is especially true of high yield items and perishable goods. It also helps reduce high inventory-carrying cost. Air Cargo Industry is a direct pointer to the prosperity of a country. The prospects for the Air Cargo Industry in India has grown manifold over the past few years. The rapid growth of international trade and merchandise export has resulted in boosting the prospects of the Air Cargo Industry in India. India’s growing might in the Information Technology, large scale liberalization and globalisation of trade have been instrumental in the growth of the Air Cargo Industry. Moreover, the purchasing power and  the consumption pattern of the one million middle class people in the country has undergone a vast change which has a bearing on the growth of the Air Cargo Industry.


Sea Cargo

Our expert team in SEA FREIGHT, also known as sea cargo will probe into you to learn your requirements and after having listened carefully and analyzed your objectives our team will suggest more than one solution for you to choose from that are most cost effective and viable that fit your requirements for shipping by sea (sea Freight).


Freight Forwarding

As more and more companies are migrating into the global marketplace, they’ve come to expect a freight forwarding service which is equal to the task of meeting their unique requirements. We are ready to answer that challenge with our vast network of international contacts and expert knowledge of the international freight forwarding.

Air Freight

airfreightOur air freight services help you to ship your cargo to almost every destination worldwide. Our specialists have many years of experience in the area of air cargo shipments. And with our good connection with major worldwide carriers, we are able to offer the best solution to compete with time, safety, cost and space.Our focus is on prompt and timely delivery of your shipments along with constant communications so that you are in control of your cargo at all times.


ssssSea Freight

Through our network of experienced professionals, strong world shipping connections and extreme flexibility, we are able to specifically respond to whatever your shipping needs may be.Our experience, local market know-how, partnership with carriers, global network lets you take advantage of the following:-

  • Efficient load capacities
  • Routing geared to meet your time\cost requirements
  • Competitive prices
  • Flexible schedules